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Sports Event Information for Bermudian Punters

You never have to feel that sinking realisation that you’ve missed out on a killer betting opportunity again! Our Sports Event section has all the latest information compiled for your convenience, and all you need to do is make a habit of checking in.

We promise to keep it updated, so that all the data you need is at hand and 100% accurate, and you can enjoy a little action as and when you please. No matter what part of the planet it may be happening in, if it’s worthy of wagering on, it’s going to be listed here. Check out wins, losses, data on upcoming fixtures, and so much more.

Bermuda might not have the biggest population in the world, but we love our sports. With so much water around us, it’s no surprise that Water-based and Sailing Sports Events are very popular, but Tennis, Squash, Golf, and Rugby are also top picks. The most watched sports in our country are Football and Cricket, and these see quite a lot of betting when the biggest matches and tournaments are taking place. We’ve got it all for you right here, so make sure you pay us a visit as often as you can.

Staying On Top of Things

Our mission is to ensure that you can always get the action you’re looking for, no matter when the mood may strike. Alongside our Betting Guides, Glossaries, Reviews, and General Hints and Tips, we make sure that you know what Sports Events are happening, when they’re taking place, and then give you the most competitive odds for the match or game as well.

More Wins, Better Odds, Bigger Returns

As fun as just watching our favourite teams and athletes do what they do best may be, betting on the games makes them much more exciting. It’s not possible to do this successfully without all the latest information, however, which is where we come in.

Player injuries, weather, and more will all be outlined for you to review before you start staking. Your bets are going to be better, simply because you have the Sports Event information at hand to make them so!

We understand how busy you are, too, and that we all need to take advantage of a spare moment as it becomes available. We’ve got mobile bookmakers set up for just this reason, and make it possible for you to spend your free time betting and winning, not searching for bookies, odds, and such. No matter how big or small the game or tournament may be, we will do our level best to make it accessible to you as you need it.

Research Just Got So Much Easier To Do

We’ve all been guilty of putting money down without having all the facts at hand. When we get lucky this isn’t too much of an issue, but more often than not these wagers lose, and it’s all because we didn’t do the research we should have. You can wave goodbye to this problem thanks to our Sports Event and other services, however. Form, odds, teams, players, statistics and more are the order of the day here, and you can jump in 100% prepared.

Find out which players are putting their best-ever performances in, and which ones are simply not up to scratch. Get inside information on how teams are doing, which horses are a sure-fire win, and discover the trainers and jockeys that are leaving the competition in their wake. Racing, motorsports, athletics… If Bermuda’s bettors want it, we’ve got it!