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A Sports Glossary for Bettors from Bermuda

No matter what your level of experience with betting may be, some terms may still be a little confusing. Use this Sports Glossary at to refresh your memory on some of the more common words and phrases, and get in on the action!

Across the Board
Betting on a horse to either Win, Place, or Show in a race.

Against the Spread, or ATS
A phrase used to indicate the wagering result of an event that has taken the Point Spread into account.

Bad Beat
A loss that looked like it was going to be a win before it took a turn for the worse.

Circled Game
An event in which the limits have been lowered due to the weather, or player injury.

Short for underdog, the team or player most likely to lose.

The apparent advantage a punter has before betting.

Even Money
A wager without Juice, or Vig, associated, for example betting BD$100 to receive BD$100.

The team or athlete expected to beat the other in a match-up based on the Point Spread or Moneyline.

A stake on a sporting event that is only taking place well into the future. For example, betting on a team or athlete to win a Championship during the season, or even before the season has begun.

Researching sports with an emphasis on statistics in order to try to pick the winner.

Wagering on the other side of a current bet in order to minimise loss or gain profit.

The commission that the bookmaker takes on stakes.

The maximum amount of money a bookmaker will accept on a single wager.

A perceived easy win or big favourite.

A bet selecting an athlete or team to win Straight-Up, with no Point Spread involved.

No Action
A bet that gets cancelled, with the cash returned to the punter.

Off the Board
A game that is not open to bettors due to certain conditions.

A wager on whether the total points, goals, or runs tallied by 2 teams will be Over or Under a number set by the bookmaker.

A wager in which multiple events are chosen in which each one must win in order for the bettor to receive a payout.

A sporting event in which there is no Underdog or Favourite, and the selection simply needs to achieve a Straight-Up win. No Point Spread is involved.

Point Spread
A predetermined amount of points, set by the Odds Maker, that the Favourite will give or the Underdog receive as a Handicap. It evens the game out.

Prop Bet
An Exotic stake on an event beyond the total and side.

When a game ends and no side has won or lost in terms of the wagering, with the outcome landing exactly on the number on which the Total or Point Spread is based.

The team or athlete, either a Favourite or an Underdog, on which punters stake to win and cover the ATS.

Straight Bet
A single stake on just 1 athlete or team.

Taking the Points
Wagering the Underdog by getting the Points ATS.

Similar to a Parlay, but the Point Spread gets adjusted in order to favour the better. This stake gives less on the Favourite, or takes more on an Underdog, in return for a lowered payout.

The combined points, goals, or runs scored by 2 teams in a match.

The team or payer expected to lose an event, based on the Moneyline or Point Spread.

Another word for the commission bookmaker’s take. Also referred to as the Juice, and sometimes shortened to Vig.