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Comprehensive Answers to All Your FAQs

Not a day goes by where we aren’t asked a question about some aspect of online betting and casino gameplay. Furthermore, many of these are similar, as players and bettors generally have the same sort of queries about enjoying the action available online. We’re here to help as we can, and have gathered together those we run across most often, here on our Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, page. Have a look and get the help you need!

Are There Time Limits for Hands in Online Games?

It depends on what you’re playing. If you are enjoying a single-player game, you can take as much time as you need. If you are engaged in Multiplayer or Live Dealer entertainment, however, you will need to play within a stipulated amount of time.

My Credit Card Is Being Declined. What Can I Do?

If you run into this issue, the best solution is to use one of the alternative banking methods all respectable sites provide. These include bank transfers, e-wallets, and more.

I Can’t Find the Land-Based Slot I Love Playing Online. Why?

Not all casino games have internet-based versions available. However, with a little searching, you will find titles that have a very similar theme and format to the ones you’ve enjoyed at land-based venues.

Does It Matter Whether a Site Is Licenced and Regulated?

Yes! If a site is neither licensed nor regulated, it is almost definitely operating unlawfully. Furthermore, when they are not being regulated, they can do as they please, and the operator is under no obligation to treat you fairly. Avoid these sites at all costs!

How Can I Tell If a Site Is Licensed and Regulated?

The information will usually be very prominently displayed, most often along the bottom of each page for the bookmaker or casino. The data will include details on licences and the issuing authorities. If you are ever in doubt, check with the relevant authority. And remember, all the operators we rate highly and recommend are 100% legitimate. We have strict checks in place to ensure this.

How Many Bookmakers or Casinos Should I Join?

It’s up to you. Some players are happy with just one account, and others prefer to shop around. Either approach is fine, but we usually recommend at least 3 accounts. The advantage to this is that you can compare odds, lines, bonuses, games, and the like. You can make sure you’re getting the best value each time.

What Kind of Bonuses and Rewards Can I Get?

Bookmakers and casinos use many different bonuses as incentives and rewards for their customers, with some of the most frequently found including Welcome Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, Free Bets, and Free Spins. Find out more about these in the appropriate area of our site.

Where Can I Find the Most Generous Free Offers?

Most Bermudian dollar-friendly operators are open-handed to the extreme, thanks to how competitive the online gambling industry has become. There is so much action to enjoy, that if one brand isn’t giving you joy, it’s very easy to simply take your business elsewhere. We make sure you have your pick of the cream of the crop, however, and regularly update all the information we provide to ensure you never miss out.

Who Do I Contact If I Run Into an Issue?

Begin with the FAQ section of the bookmaker or casino, since many problems can be resolved like that. If you can’t find the help you need there, make contact with Customer Support. We make sure that the operators we end up endorsing have well-trained representatives on hand that can be contacted by means of many portals, including email, telephone, and live chat.