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Comprehensive Casino Glossary for Bermudian Players

It takes time to get used to all the words and phrases specific to the world of online gambling games. This is why we’ve put together a basic Casino Glossary for you, so that you can check in as you need to and find out what you need to know! Find out what the difference between a Line Bet and a Pay Line is, and know your Free Spins from your Wilds!

Basic Strategy
A method of playing online Blackjack that has been mathematically determined to give the Dealer the least possible advantage. When you use this strategy you can determine the best choices to make depending on what cards you have, and what the Dealer’s Up Card is.

Bet Limits
Amounts which set the minimum and maximum stakes that you can make at any given time.

Bet Max
In slots, this is the maximum amount of credits that you can wager on each spin of the reels. You can select this button, when it has been provided, in order to put this stake into place automatically.

Another word for the number 2.

The advantage you have over your opponent.

Feature Round
In slots games, this is a special round of play that may include Free Spins, Interactive Games, and usually the chance to win extra prizes.

The cards dealt to you in games like Poker and 21.

A Side Bet in 21 that becomes available to you when the Dealer’s Up Card is an Ace. If the Dealer ends up having a Blackjack, the Insurance will pay out at 2:1.

The landing page of an online casino, where you can review and select a game to play.

Maximum Bet
The biggest wager you are allowed to make in casino games like Roulette and Blackjack.

A 2-card Hand in Blackjack that equals 21 without a Hit.

Outside Bets
Wagers in Roulette that are placed on the outer edge of the table. These include matching Pair Stakes of High or Low, Odds or Evens, and Red or Black. You can also make 6 different 12-Number Bets, 3 each that are termed Column or Dozen bets.

In slots games, the line on which your symbols must correctly line up in order for you to win.

A Hand that is tied between the Player and Dealer, in which the Player’s original bet will be returned.

Random Number Generator, or RNG
Used in online casino software to make sure that all the numbers being created and used in games are generated totally randomly.

In slots games, reels refer to one of the columns on which you are trying to hit particular symbols or prizes.

In slots machines, scatter symbols are those that will pay you out no matter what other symbols have been hit.

A deck of cards is made up of 4 suits: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades

The action of forfeiting the first 2 cards dealt in Blackjack in return for a 50% refund of the original bet you placed. Depending on which variant of the game is being played there will be restrictions in place, like whether the Dealer has an Ace or a 10-value card.

In a slot game, symbols are the icons on the reels.

Up Card
The card the Dealer is dealt in a Blackjack game that is facing up. This plays an important part in determining Basic Strategy.

In slots, Wild symbols are those that are able to stand in for other icons in the event that they land on one of your paylines, in order to create a winning combination.