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World’s Biggest Yacht To Get Its Own Casino

Viviane Stamm - 28-02-2019

Mock up of the Project ValkyrieThe superyacht Azzam may have to find itself a new place in the ocean, should project Valkyrie materialise. Although there are no fixed plans to start construction of this mega-yacht, once built she will out-measure the Azzam, currently the world largest yacht, by 160 ft.

The Valkyrie’s On Board Amenities

Mega-yacht Valkyrie, the result of a thesis for London’s Royal College of Art done by Chulhun Park, will measure in at 750 ft. and carry an approximate price tag of $800 million.

The floating architectural marvel will house an art gallery, restaurants, open-air entertainment spaces, and the main feature, a fully equipped casino. The mega yacht will be able accommodate 52 guests in 26 luxury appointed cabins and 92 crewmembers in 46 cabins. Although the yacht can only accommodate 52 cabin guests, many more day visitors could enjoy the floor space.

When interviewed about his Valkyrie design, the 36-year-old explained that he set out to design a unique vessel. He hopes that his design once built will be made available for public visitors, so they too can enjoy the floating entertainment hub.

$800 Million Challenges

A floating casino is not without its challenges structural, legal or security wise.  Although the casino will be operating on the open ocean, it may still be subject to the laws of the closest coastline. These will need to be considered before any form of gambling can take place on board, either commercial or private.

 US laws prohibit gambling within three nautical miles of its coast, except for Florida and Texas. Both these states require not 3 but 9 nautical miles distance, and some countries require as many as 12.

Legalities aside, certain design issues will also need to be addressed. The roll and pitch of the yacht on the water could affect the outcomes of certain games. As an example, the pocket in which the Roulette ball lands or how the dice roll and stop in Craps or Sic Bo could be changed by the movement. To address this, specialised stability equipment will need to be incorporated into the design.

There is also the question of security on the open ocean should large amounts of cash be on board the vessel. This could potentially invite criminal activity or potential attempted theft at sea. But, with a $800 million price tag the owner will likely be able to afford a private security entourage.