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Creature from the Black Lagoon

Considering the big budgets and outstanding special effects of movies nowadays, you’d be forgiven for thinking that movies made as far back as the 50s and 60s are dated and lame, but there is something undeniably charming about them, even if it’s the nostalgia and feelings of reminiscence they evoke. Some remain cult classics to this day, while others lie forgotten. Creature from the Black Lagoon was a commercial success when it hit the big screen back in 1954, and, thanks to NetEnt, the success continues in the form of an online casino slot game, which is available to play at Betway – one of the best online casino destinations in Bermuda. Put on your flippers and let’s take a dive to see what Creature from the Black Lagoon is all about.

Symbols and Features

Creature from the Black Lagoon is a 3x5-reel video slot with 20 paylines. It offers a very decent betting range from 1 credit to 100 credits, so the game is well suited to all manner of gamers, including novices and veterans, alike. The reels are set against a creepy, swamp background, and the symbols you’ll encounter include a video camera, knife, binoculars and breathing apparatus. Then there are the main characters – Kay, Carl, Lucas and David. The game logo symbol is Wild, which means it will stand in for other symbols across the reels, while the Free Spin symbol, naturally, triggers Free Spins when you land 3, 4 or 5 of it across the reels.

During the Free Spins round, a target will appear on the reels, and you will have to aim and successfully shoot at the creature with your harpoon. Depending on how many times you hit the creature, the Wilds will become increasingly powerful. Up to 2 hits will cause the Wilds to stick on the reels for 1 spin. Between 3 and 5 hits will see the Wilds spread across the reels and stay in place for one spin. Between 6 and 8 hits will result in the Wilds spreading left and remaining in place for one more spin, and 9 successful hits will earn you 10 more Free Spins.

While the original film was black and white, NetEnt have flawlessly brought the imagery to life across the reels, thanks to a colour palette and illustration style that really captures the essence of the 50s. With a creepy soundtrack, complete with swamp sounds of frogs and bugs, the game is an absolute hit, and one that is sure to become a new favourite of yours.

Where to Play

Creature from the Black Lagoon is available to play at plenty of online casinos in Bermuda that support software from NetEnt, but we recommend signing up and playing with Betway. With an exceptionally generous welcome offer, regular and rewarding promotions, and a catalogue of award-winning games that is always getting longer, as new games are released on a monthly basis – you’ll never want to play anywhere else again!