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Cool Buck: One of the Top Online Casino Games

When it comes to classic online casino games, nobody does it better than Royal House Casino. Undoubtedly one of the most prolific online casinos in Bermuda, they’re brim-full of 3-reel wonders that dazzle and delight on a daily basis. And while we could review any number of the hundreds of games they offer in their well-structured collection, we decided to cast our curious eye towards one of the most-played old-school slots of them all: Microgaming’s money-themed Cool Buck. Available in two versions, each game features a sound blend of an easy-to-understand paytable, apt game symbols, and – depending on which reel version of the game you’re playing – a max win amount of up to value of over 100 000 credits. On the surface, we’ll be the first to admit that Cool Buck didn’t strike us as anything out of the ordinary. But we’ll also confess that once we started spinning its reels, it quickly began creeping into our hearts – where it firmly remains.

5 Reels, 9 Paylines or 3 Reels, 5 Paylines

Due to the success and popularity of the original Cool Buck game – a 3-reel, 5-payline version – Microgaming went on to release Cool Buck 5-Reel. As the name suggests, the classic slot revamp took on an extra two reels and four paylines, making it even more exciting to play than the original. The bump up in max win values from 6000 credits to over 100 000 didn’t hurt either. And the best part? Cool Buck 5-Reel didn’t stray too far from the classic look and feel of its predecessor of the same name – a rookie mistake many game developers seem to make when creating online slot sequels. True, the greens in Cool Buck 5-reel are a little bit richer, and the silvers somewhat more subdued than the original offering – but no matter which version you load up, you’ll instantly recognise the graphic elements you’ve come to know and love.

Classic Online Casino Games at Royal House

When it comes to classic online casinos in Bermuda, Royal House is one of the most highly regarded. Their selection of 3-reel games are unmatched, and when you take their hefty welcome bonus into consideration, along with their wide selection of banking options, and variety of other online casino games, including modern slots, progressive jackpots and Live Casino assortments, you can instantly understand their universal appeal. Apart from Cool Buck, which is exclusively available on PC play, Royal House members can look forward to an extended array of other 3-reel classics – some of which are mobile compatible, offering old-school fans a modern platform to spin and win on. As for us, Cool Buck will be a firm favourite for the foreseeable future – next time you drop by Royal House, you’ll know where to find us!