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Learn About Playing Poker Online

The team loves all forms of Poker, and after you've played it at the sites we recommend, you will too. Chance and strategy are perfectly combined; you can't do anything to control the cards that you are dealt, but you can make different moves once you have seen your hand.

In land-based games you are physically sitting across from your opponents, but this is obviously not the case in online Poker. Here you will either be in a live chat with your tablemates, or going against the dealer only in live games. Each platform is quite different, although the basic rules remain the same.

What is Poker?

Simply put, this is the best-loved card game in the world. Older formats were brought to the fledgling United States by European settlers. As both Pioneers and Native Americans played to pass the time, the games slowly evolved into what you would see in a dedicated area of a land-based or online casino today.

The objective is always to create the best hand that you can, according to standard rankings. If you Fold and stop playing a round, you lose whatever you have wagered so far. The psychological element comes into play because you could have a very low-ranked hand, but bluff and pretend that your cards are excellent.

If you do this well, you could cause a player who has a better hand to doubt themselves, and Fold. You'll win, even though your cards were inferior. Like so much in life, Poker is about making the best of whatever you are dealt!

What Different Variations Mean

In terms of the versions of Poker casinos usually make available, 3 Card and Caribbean Stud are probably the most common. These are simpler than other options, because there are fewer rounds and no Community Cards are dealt.

The 2 classic variations of the game are Texas Hold'em and Omaha. The difference between them is how many Hole Cards you are dealt and how many Community Cards you need to use in your final hand. For Texas Hold'em you 2 Hole Cards and can use any combination; in Omaha you get 4 Hole Cards and have to use exactly 2 of them.

How to Play Poker

The first thing you need to do, whether you are playing in an online casino or anywhere else, is place your first wager, called an Ante. After that, the cards will be dealt in a series of rounds and as you see more, you will have the option to Raise your bet and keep participating, or Fold and end your turn.

Every wager is placed in a central pot, and at the end of the round all cards are revealed. The player who is still active, and holds the highest-ranked combination, is the winner and gets to take all the prize money.

In addition to head-to-head rounds, it is also possible to participate in tournaments. You'll pay a Buy-In entrance fee, and be given a certain amount of chips to play with. The pot is created by the Buy-Ins, and is shared among the top-performing players.

Why Play Online Poker?

Poker casinos and sites online use either Random Number Generation software to create results, or they are live dealer games. Both options are thrilling, and you can enjoy them from your desktop or mobile device without having to travel anywhere.

Playing with a live host gives you the chance to get familiar with the rules, without having to worry about bluffing. With Random Number Generation Poker, you can practise in total anonymity. Either way, you can enjoy what the games have to offer online, and prepare yourself for playing at a land-based table!