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Find Out About Bermuda’s Best Blackjack Games

If you thought Blackjack was thrilling but have not played it online, you are missing out! Bermuda’s favourite card game has been given the special treatment by the best software providers, and it is better than ever before.

Most players who have encountered it know about its iconic European and American variations. While those classics are definitely available at top online casinos, you can find plenty of others that tweak things to offer a completely unique experience. However, regardless of the titles’ individual features, any one you choose offers you the chance to beat the dealer with a winning hand of 21. Find what you love to play at sites you can trust with

What Is Blackjack?

More than 300 years old, Blackjack is a game between the player and the dealer, regardless of the number of players seated at a table. The ultimate goal is a hand valued at 21, although achieving a score closer to that number than the dealer’s can also see you snatch the prize.

You receive 2 cards at the beginning of a round. However, rather than being at the mercy of the deal, you have a chance to improve your score before it is compared with the dealer’s. There are several moves that will see you dealt another card, and only once you have made a move will the dealer hand be revealed.

This little fact, together with there being a specific number of cards in the shoe, means strategy can be used to try influence the outcome of the round. Discover just how exciting this can be when you play it at the best online casinos in Bermuda.

What Different Variations Mean

Although you can find Spanish and other regional variations of Blackjack, most of those released by Microgaming, NetEnt, and other providers are based on the European and American forms. The biggest difference between the two most common versions is the dealing of the dealer’s hole card.

In the European one, it comes at the end of the round, just before the scores are tallied. In the American one, it comes at the beginning. This is so it can be checked for a winning hand before you make a move, which adds another dimension to the suspense you feel.

How to Play Blackjack

The action of online Blackjack all starts with a bet. Once you have placed one, your cards will be dealt.

This is where you can start using strategy. Compare the score of your hand with the single dealer card you can see. If you need to improve your score, and think you can do it without busting (exceeding 21 points), you can hit and get another card. For more intense thrills, you can double down, which doubles your bet and gives you a higher score.

However, if you suspect your hand is as good as it is going to get, you can stand, which is to play what you were dealt initially. If you have two like cards, you can split the hand into two, and take new cards. All will be revealed as soon as you make your move, so choose carefully!

Why Play Online Blackjack?

The editions of online Blackjack created by award-winning providers have so much to offer players in Bermuda. Fair chances to win when enjoying the action of a true classic is just the start.

You can also experience the smooth play offered by premium software, as well as lifelike graphics, animations, and sound effects that create the perfect ambience. Best of all, the casino games we recommend are compatible with computer, smartphone, and tablet, so you can play at leisure! Find the finest options with us.